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Buying an Attic Ladder – The First Step

Once your attic ladder starts falling into disrepair, you might think you’re stuck with it. Rather than other types of ladders, attic ladders need to be the right size, strength and compatible with the hinges of your trapdoor. Attics are an excellent location for storing items you treasure but can’t fit into your home’s interior design, and it would be a shame for them to become inaccessible.

Thanks to the selection of attic ladders at Valentine Ladders, we're bound to have an option compatible with your attic trapdoor, complete with a broad set of features. These attic ladders come in various styles, and we offer both aluminium and timber attic ladders for use in your home.

Aluminium Attic Ladders

Our collection includes resilient and reliable aluminium attic ladders. Thanks to their basic design and metallic shine, these ladders have a distinct, functional look. For basic traversal between your second floor and attic, aluminium attic ladders are an affordable option that manages to look great while sacrificing none of the typical utility provided by a standard ladder. If you've got multiple entrances to your attic or multiple attic storage units, buying a collection of aluminium attic ladders is the most cost-effective solution.

Timber Attic Ladders

We also offer a range of wooden timber attic ladders for a bespoke attic ladder option. These ladders are typically a premium item compared to our standard range of aluminium ladders, but you'll be glad you made the purchase. The high quality and locally sourced timber used by Valentine Ladders allows your attic ladder to blend seamlessly with its surrounding floor and trapdoor. The wood is polished and brushed finely for an excellent finish, giving you an aesthetically pleasing attic ladder that will last for a long time.

To learn more about our range of attic ladders, contact Valentine Ladders today.


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