Attic Ladders

Attic Ladders provided by Valentine Ladders

Keep your attic safe and accessible with attic ladders from Valentine Ladders. Our attic ladders in Dublin come in various styles, including budget options. We ensure fast, free delivery across all of Ireland from our Dublin ladder warehouse.


Alongside our traditional aluminium attic ladders, we sell a range of timber attic ladders to keep your attic easy to access, all for affordable prices. Valentine Ladders provides some of the most reasonably priced and well-made attic ladders in Dublin.

For cost-effective and attractive attic ladders, contact Valentine Ladders

Attic Ladders FAQ

  • How do I choose what attic ladder to buy?

    This all depends on the space you have available and the budget you have available. Get in touch with the Valentine Ladders & Towers team today for advice and recommendations on the best attic ladder to install in your home.

  • Do you sell pull-down attic ladders?

    Yes, we sell a range of pull-down attic ladders as well as portable ladders.

  • Are wood or metal attic ladders better?

    Again, this all depends on your individual requirements. Metal ladders, such as aluminium ladders, can be cheaper than wood ladders but may not look as good or perform as well as wooden pull-down attic stairs. Get in touch for more information on the best type of ladder for your requirements.